Exotic Ethiopia and the Holy Land 2017


Join us in October 2017 as we explore Ethiopia and Israel. Our pre-tour takes us deep into tribal Southern Ethiopia whilst our main tour focuses on Northern Ethiopia. From the home of one of the world’s oldest strands of Christianity we then travel on our post-tour to where it all began-The Holy Land.

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Wonders of Greece 2018


Join us in April–May 2018 for our pre tour as we travel through the beautiful landscape of undiscovered treasures in Macedonia; arriving for our Main tour in the ancient hillsides of Greece. Our post-tour finds us in the stunning Mediterranean Islands of Rhodes and Kastellorizo.

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Colours of Colombia 2018


Experience a mix of Caribbean and Latin cultures in vibrant Colombia together with the diversity of Panama for our pre-tour and the untouched nature of the highest waterfall in the world Angel Falls for our post-tour in August 2018.

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Recent Past Conferences

Greenland and Danish Delights 2017


Follow your compass north and join us in May-June 2017 for an exploration of the Nordic region of Europe. We start with a pre-tour to the forgotten friendly Faroe Islands followed by a main tour to chic Copenhagen and gorgeous Greenland. Our post-tour takes us to incredible Iceland.

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Eastern Europe 2016


In September 2016 we traveled to Eastern Europe starting with a pre-tour to the Balkan States of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia & Montenegro followed by a main tour to Hungary & Romania.

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Idyllic Iberia 2016


In March-April 2016 we traveled to the Iberian Peninsula with our pre-tour on the scenic island of Madeira, main tour in Portugal and Andalusian Spain and post-tour in Moorish Morocco.

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