Wonders of Greece – Conference 2018

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Discover the ancient civilisations of Greece and Macedonia together with the scenic beauty of the Mediterranean islands of Rhodes and Kastellorizo.

Read more below to discover the highlights of each tour.


Main Tour: Greece

Convention Abroad Delphi
With astounding archaeological sites, islands of extreme beauty, quaint villages and delicious traditional foods, it is no wonder that Greece is on many people’s must-see list.

Get lost in the colourful cities filled with natural and ancient treasures, from stunning landscapes to ancient ruins.

  • Taste mouth-watering Mediterranean cuisine
  • Explore the vibrant city of Thessaloniki
  • Visit the royal tombs at Vergina
  • Be charmed by the breathtaking monasteries on rock pillars in Meteora
  • Explore the home of the Oracle of Delphi in Apollo’s sanctuary, one of Greece’s most important archaeological sites
  • Test the acoustics of the well-preserved ancient theatre of Epidaurus
  • Go back in time with a steam train ride through Vouraikos gorge
  • Hike through the picturesque landscape and quaint villages of Central Greece
  • Connect with the history of Ancient Greece at the new Acropolis museum in Athens
  • Marvel at the magnificent Acropolis in Athens
  • Experience fascinating street art in Athens


Pre-Tour: Macedonia

Church Saint NAum, Ohrid lake, FYRM (Macedonia)
Explore the craggy mountain backdrops, time-weathered monasteries, stunning lake panoramas and hearty national cuisine of Macedonia. Landlocked into relative obscurity in a region worshipped for its coast, Macedonia’s rugged interior offers excellent hiking in mountain forests, sailing on the crystal clear waters of Lake Ohrid and the opportunity to experience the capital’s exotic bazaars.

  • Explore the fascinating Macedonian capital of Skopje
  • Hike through the stunning Matka Canyon
  • Admire the spectacular Vrelo Cave
  • Visit a 15th century painted mosque
  • Enjoy cheese tasting at a local goat farm
  • Learn how to make traditional pastries with local village women in Janche
  • Sail across the blue waters of Lake Ohrid, one of Europe’s oldest lakes.
  • Meet a local beekeeper and taste the sweetness of natural honey in a bee masterclass
  • Admire the world famous monasteries around Lake Ohrid


Post-Tour: Greek Islands of Rhodes & Kastellorizo

Relax amongst the scenic beauty of the Mediterranean Dodecanese Islands of Rhodes & Kastellorizo.

  • Swim or relax at one of the beautiful coastal beaches
  • Explore Rhodes old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Enjoy sea kayaking around the island
  • Marvel at the amazing blue grotto on Kastellorizo
  • Experience authentic Greek island hospitality

Wonders of Greece 2018

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